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Hey, Babe. Welcome to our own little eclectic haven. We long to fill the world with organic air garlands, dreamy rentals, + unruly florals. We're stoked you're here.

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Want to learn all about the babes behind Salvaged Apothecary or join the clique? Well, you're in the right damn spot!


Eccentric Rentals

Every rental is hand picked and curated to make your event that much more magical. We specialize in taking your event to the next level with soulful pieces that will leave you wanting more.

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Unruly Florals

Intentional curations tailored to your color pallet and specific needs. That is how we describe our unruly floral creations. From fresh to dried florals, we can do it all. 

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Air Garlands

Like no garland you have seen before. We take your average balloons and bring the heat baby! Curated for your specific event, no garland is ever made the same way twice.

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Racing Birthday Balloon Garland.jpg
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Dried Palm Bridal Boutique Install.jpg
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