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Oh hey, babe! Welcome to our little slice of the world wide web. We're so damn excited you're here.

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We're Jaimie + Megan, the babes of Salvaged Apothecary.

We started this crazy endeavor in the middle of a pandemic. Which now looking back at it sounds pretty freaking nuts. Start a company that specialize in events, during a time events were a huge NO NO.

But we needed an outlet to free our souls of the world around us. So Salvaged Apothecary was born. We had no idea the direction we were going to take, just that our end goal would be to one day own our own venue.

We are still working towards a space of our own and it is closer than ever. So sweet we could basically taste it.

Since starting Salvaged Apothecary, we have serviced countless events with our balloon garlands, rentals, and florals. We created a community of badass women entrepreneurs that believe in the spirit of community over competition. We hosted a huge community event with 30+ vendors, curated decor, and over 1200 attendees and we just keep pushing ourselves to strive for perfection.


So thanks for following along babe, we hope you stick around and enjoy the wild ride.
Jaimie + Megan

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Responding Days

Tuesday - Friday | Open
Sat + Sun | Reserved for Onsite Jobs
Mon | Closed for R+R

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